Sitting Calf Raise machine to force his

two years of brutal training.

Even with that effort, calves may not turn out to be your best

body part.

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But I doubt there are many bodybuilders with enough

physical talent to build up the rest of their bodies who will not

find their calves responding well to the regimen I prescribe.

calf raise exercise - Sitting Calf Raise machine to force his

Stretching the Calves

To get a full contraction of a muscle, first you have to get a full


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With the calves this means going all the way down

when you do full-range movements, lowering your heels as far as

original 299636 4 - Sitting Calf Raise machine to force his

possible before coming up all the way onto your toes to get a full


Tom Platz carries how to order testosterone online this to the ultimate by having a training

partner sit on the end of a Sitting Calf Raise machine to force his

heels lower and lower and stretch his calves to the extreme

(something other bodybuilders ought to approach with great care

if they try to copy him).

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What Tom is doing is using a principle

that I discovered for myself many years ago: the longer the range

of movement and the fuller the extension and buy steroids with debit card contraction of the

muscle, the more it will develop.

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This is especially valuable in

calf training, since our normal use of the calf when we walk and

run involves mostly the mid-range function.

I like to use a block for Standing Calf Raises just high enough

so that my heels touch the floor at the bottom of the movement.

This way I know I have lowered my heels enough to get maximum stretch from my calf muscles.


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